Pedal for the planet!
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D5 (COP21) // Global Critical Mass

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Let’s get the world cycling

Do you cycle every day, occasionally, or are you a cyclist in the making? Come along, and bring your friends!

5th December 2015 at 10am place de la Bastille in Paris (and elsewhere in the world)

We have the power to move forward and change the world, one pedal stroke at a time! Together let’s create a critical mass for the climate.

Do you ride a bike?
You make no noise
You keep the air clean
You are faster than light
You are as free as the wind
You are autonomous

The energy comes from you!
You’re always smiling
Put the fun between your legs!

Industrial lobbyists and governments can only offer fake solutions to the problems they have generated. We are building real alternatives

The COP21 is the 21st United Nations Climate Conference. It will take place at le Bourget airport near Paris from 30th November to 11th December. Since the COP began 20 years ago, greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 63% and one of the main causes of this is motorised transport.

Pedal for the planet!

How does a Critical Mass work?

We ride together in a "mass" around the city. In a spirit of joy and happiness, we shout loud and clear that another world is possible and we are part of the solution!

It ’s a festive and spontaneous bike ride, where rather than blocking the traffic we are the traffic! Our values are: non-violence, fun and inclusivity. Everyone is responsible for themselves but each cyclist should participate in making the ride safe and fun.

In practice, what does that mean?

Ride together and stay compact:

  • At the front, ride slowly, pay attention to others behind and make sure they are following closely.
  • At the back, keep a very tight compact line to stop motorbikes or scooters getting into the group and try not to fall too far behind the riders in front.
  • At crossroads, block side roads to stop any vehicles getting into the group and show how cool it is to ride a bike!
  • If a vehicle gets into the group, try to get it out as soon as possible even if that means blocking it at the side of the road.
  • If there is a bus lane, leave it free.
  • Remain polite and calm with motorists.

We like pedestrians, public transport and shared transport. That ’s why pedestrians always have priority during the ride. Bus lanes, used by buses and taxis, must remain free of bikes. Bus lanes can be used as a last resort by motorists who think we are blocking them when in fact they continue to create the traffic jams.
If there are arguments, make sure there are a lot of people around and involve as many of them in the conversation as possible: be kind but firm.

Don’t forget to bring something to eat and drink and be prepared for sun, rain or snow!