Vélorution ! System Change Not Climate Change
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Position paper of Vélorution on COP21


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Humanity is hurtling at full speed into a brick wall… It is urgent to slow down.

COP21 Paris 2015: bad COP? good COP?

Yet another last chance!

The COP21 is presented to us as the new "last chance meeting." Last chance for governments to escape the political lobbies that drive their policies? Last chance for the world’s peoples to escape the fate that cynics have chosen for them? Last chance to avoid climate-induced chaos?

Growth or climate?

As long as we want to preserve human societies based on industrial growth, climate negotiations like this UN one will have no result. We, cyclists, and many others have begun to change our lives. We want to slow down, consume less and live better. We want real changes. Governments must free themselves from lobbies and stop preventing us from building alternatives.

Slowing down = Living

Let’s get involved in the debate and affirm our will to change. Let us show that our numbers are growing. Together, let’s get going, and launch the big race to slow down.

COP21 from 30 November to 11 December in Paris The 21st Conference Of Parties (COP) of the United Nations to be held at Le Bourget airport at the end of 2015 is a climate conference that brings together governments, industry lobbies (the "BINGOs" —Business and Industrial Non-Governmental Organizations) and (actual) Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Note: in 21 years of negotiations, greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 63%… and motorized transport is a major source of these emissions.

No to false solutions

Neither biofuels, nor new fuel deposits

The land is for food and life. Growing fuel is a crime. Stop the destruction of soils and forests, no to GMOs.

Oil and gas must remain in the ground. Stop prospecting and exploiting new deposits. Yes to financial compensation for people who choose not to bleed the earth.

Less transport, fewer airports

Reduce the need for transport, reduce the amount of goods. Do we really need all these trucks and all these planes? Stop useless mega-projects imposed from above: major motorways, airports, high-speed lines…

Neither greenhouse gases nor nuclear power

Will engines be powered by nuclear electricity in the future? Nuclear power is a financial impasse, an absolute threat, now and for generations to come. Stop civil and military nuclear activities.

Vélorution !

Cars and motorbikes are not a necessity, they are a way of thinking that asphyxiates our cities and our lives. By our behavior, our choices, we must free ourselves from motorized tyranny, for ourselves and for the future.

(Paris, February 2015)